2015 Lab Holiday Decorations

This year, the Mohlke lab had to defend their title for the 5th floor Genetics decorating challenge. The Purvis lab took our trophy, but we won 2nd place with our 12 Days of Christmas decorating.

1The Kringle repeat is a region in the genome with very complex LD.

2GWAS for naughty and nice behavior (Kringle et al.)

3Nature papers published this year!

4Linux penguins, named after computational lab members.

55 PH.D GRADS!!!!! (in adorable popsicle stick frames)

66 gels running…here’s some up close detail of the pictures and red & green food coloring6_close


8Aligning Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, etc. genomes

99,000,000 SNPs imputing

1010 [holiday-themed] programs compiling



We also had a snowflake dihybrid cross and a beautiful tree adorned with science-related ornaments.